About us


I’m Lola, founder and head baker of Amapola Alfajores.
I started the magic journey of baking and exploring alfajores land way back when I was child
with my beloved grandma. We would bake and try at least once a week every week for years
until we got to today’s ALFAJOR NEGRO
This flavor is very close to my heart (my favorite 😉 ) and it’s the flavor that started Amapola
Alfajores here in Israel.
Talking about Israel, I’m here because I fell in love with an israeli man called Yair (my partner
in business and life until this day) after years of long distance relationship and many trips to
meet each other. I decided to give it a try and move to Israel.
After a year of back and forth with jobs I had the idea of creating a brand of flavorful
nostalgic alfajores.
The name AMAPOLA means poppy flower in Spanish, my grandma’s favorite.
So the name was there, the first flavor of alfajor (NEGRO) was there and when the time to
sell arrives i made a post in a facebook group and suprisly it was a complete success.
Since that magic post i didn’t stop baking, creating and meeting awesome people on the way
that decide to join the adventure.
Nowadays Amapola Alfajores is expanding, people all over the country are interested about
it and this fills my heart in a way that i can’t describe.
Together with my team we define amapola alfajores like this:

A brand of alfajores and original baked goods that invites you to indulge, to treat yourself, to enjoy every bite of our magic and sweet world. We strongly believe in
simplicity and good combinations, in creating nostalgic and delicious treats out of
our childhood favorite products that will take you to a one way trip.

Very serious right?
No worry we are the kind of serious people that bake cookies for every party 😉
To finish this presentation:
I’m very grateful to you for taking the time to read this.
If you purchase alfajores now, or if you tried some time ago, or if you are one of our regular
clients I wanna give you a BIG THANKS, this dream became real because of your support.


Tel.: +972 52-680-1162

Ibn Gabirol 54 – Tel Aviv- Israel